yarborough development, Inc.

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Yarborough Development, Inc. is a General Contractor performing new commercial construction, including renovation work and residential housing and renovation i.e. public housing, multi-unit developments.



1700 Washington Blvd

Port Vue, PA 15133  

(412) 673 - 7620




Key Personnel

Ocie J. Yarborough,  Founder and President 50+ years experience  |more

R. Lee Totty, Vice-President 33+ years experience

James Ross, Project Manager 25+ years experience

David Hartman, Controller 20+ years experience

Ronald Berta, Superintendent 20+ years experience

Leroy Harkins, Superintendent 20+ years experience

C. David Rippel, Operating Engineer 25+ years experience

Mark St. Cyr, Superintendent 10+ years experience

Sheryl Yarborough, Secretary and Treasurer